Hey there, I'm Harry

A dog lover, nature enthusiast, and a big fan of salted caramel ice cream.

But, let me share something more personal with you. I used to be an EMOTIONAL EATER, and it wasn't an easy journey to overcome...

harry snell

Harry Snell

You see, as a health professional, I got caught up in the science and strict rules around diet and exercise. seemed like the right path to maintain a good weight and appear healthy on the outside.
Doing these things seemed like the right path to maintain a good weight and appear healthy on the outside…
Little did I know that these strategies were taking a toll on my mental well-being

Emotional eating slowly crept into my life, dictating my actions and leading to unhealthy behaviours. 

Even though everything looked fine from the outside, I was struggling with my relationship with food, and it was affecting the quality of my life.
I tried various “helpful” methods like saving calories for the evening or compensating with extra steps, but deep down, I had no boundaries around food. It wasn’t a healthy way to live, and I knew I had to make a change!!
That’s when my personal journey of experimentation, discovery, and learning began. Through this process, I was able to fix my own emotional eating problem and transform my relationship with food for the better.
harry snell with dog
Drawing on all my learnings and qualifications, I created the FoodFreedomBlueprint™ program – a comprehensive solution that has helped clients worldwide. My program is built on the ethos of:
If you’re ready to break free from emotional eating and build a healthier, happier relationship with food, I’d love to chat with you. Book a session here, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

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If anything on this page resonates with you, I'm happy to have a quick chat to delve more into your problem & see how I can help you.​

If you struggle with emotional eating & you’re comitted to doing the work it takes to fix this, then it will 100% work for you like previous clients. This is a training training & learning process, so requires effort on your part.

Depending on what you need, the investment will vary. I’m happy to have a no obligation chat to see if what I do is the right thing for you.

We all have blindsports & there’s always another ways ot look at your problem. I’m happy to have a chat to see what you’ve tried before & see if I can actually help you.

If this is you then you are similar to most of my clients. That’s why a huge part of what I do is teaching you how to be motivated and not just rely on the motivation you get at the beginning.

Almost all my clients start like this. They’ve spent years dieting & the only evidence they have is their personal failure over and over again. I totally empathise with this. All I can say is to treat this is something completely new & don’t let your past dictate your future effort or motivation.

One thing that I find helps is: Imagine in a year’s time you’re STILL in the same place that you are today…how would you feel about that?​

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