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by | Jan 19, 2021

What if you hadn’t realised that there was something inside holding you back? Fear of failure, beliefs that you’ll have to give up everything you love, worry over low support from partner & friends, stepping out of your comfort zone, etc…Plus also negative emotions…these often cause extra stress which leads into more emotional eating. Identifying all these things and removing them as barriers to your results is super important.



Cravings – What they mean…

How do you define emotional eating to yourself? It's different for everyone. You may label or call it something different but it's usually the same problem... Violating your decisions around food - i.e. breaking promises to yourself over what you said you'd eat...

Monday diets lead to failure

It's almost a joke that all diets start on Monday (or Jan 1st). And straight away, I'll tell you that this mindset is setting you up for failure. Why? It comes back to perfection which I've talked about before, especially in my YouTube videos. If you are waiting to...

The first part of CHANGE

When we want to change something in our lives, we are making a conscious decision - we mentally choose to do it. Our goal may be:  To lose weight.To get a new job.To save up for a holiday.Or anything else you want to achieve. However, as soon as we consciously decide...

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