Are you tired of restrictive diets that leave you feeling deprived and trapped in a cycle of yo-yo weight loss and gain?

Do you struggle with emotional eating and find it challenging to break free from the grip of cravings and unhealthy food habits? It's time to discover a revolutionary approach to weight loss that goes beyond food and empowers you to create lasting change.

Coach Harry Snell

Imagine the wonderful possibilities if you could address your emotional eating habits and make weight loss a smoother journey. Picture yourself effortlessly slipping into stylish clothes, exuding confidence, and embracing life with a renewed sense of pride.

Introducing the FoodFreedomBlueprint™ program – a cutting-edge solution that combines the power of nutrition, psychology, and emotional fitness to help you transform your relationship with food and achieve sustainable weight loss. Unlike traditional weight loss programs, we understand that it’s not just about what you eat, but also the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that drive your eating behaviors.

Imagine finally finding freedom from emotional eating, cravings, and food-related stress. Picture yourself confidently making choices that nourish your body and support your overall well-being. With the FoodFreedomBlueprint™, you’ll gain the tools and strategies to rewire your brain, develop a positive mindset, and create a sustainable lifestyle that aligns with your goals and values.

Take the first step towards your journey to lasting change. Schedule a consultation today and discover how the FoodFreedomBlueprint™ program can help you break free from emotional eating, achieve your weight loss goals, and create a life filled with confidence, vitality, and well-being.

Remember, it’s time to reclaim your power over food and embrace a future of health, happiness, and freedom. The FoodFreedomBlueprint™ is here to guide you every step of the way.

Here's How I'll Help You...

Step 1:
Food & Nutrition

I teach you a simple baseline structure of how to eat which keeps you full, nourishes your body and makes sure you are getting what you need.

We get rid of food rules & replace them with a pattern of eating instead. This gives you a much better mindset around eating.

It’s important to have a way of losing weight that doesn’t involve excessive counting, weighing or logging of food.

Together, this allows you to “do” life while still working towards your goal.

Step 2:
Fix Emotional Eating

Most people have accidentally conditioned their brain to escape stress by using food.

I teach you my BRAIN REWIRING™ technique which as soon as you start practising, starts big changes in your emotional eating behaviours.

This technique gives you an alternative to giving into those urges and cravings that you used to make you binge and feel so guilty afterwards. Typical results are that emotional eating is fixed in 1 – 4 weeks (often after years and years of suffering, therapy or doctors appointments).

Step 3:
Psychological Flexibility

We also want to be aware of what’s triggering your stress to start with. For a lot of people, they are in survival mode 24/7, so they are causing more cravings unnecessarily. Working on things like overthinking, perfectionism & people pleasing if they are present is important to stop triggering emotional eating in the first place.

Psychological flexibiliy & emotional fitness are vital skills to build so you can limit the stress in your life.

Find Out How You Can Become The Next Success Story

If anything on this page resonates with you, I'm happy to have a quick chat to delve more into your problem & see how I can help you.​

If you struggle with emotional eating & you’re comitted to doing the work it takes to fix this, then it will 100% work for you like previous clients. This is a training training & learning process, so requires effort on your part.

Depending on what you need, the investment will vary. I’m happy to have a no obligation chat to see if what I do is the right thing for you.

We all have blindsports & there’s always another ways ot look at your problem. I’m happy to have a chat to see what you’ve tried before & see if I can actually help you.

If this is you then you are similar to most of my clients. That’s why a huge part of what I do is teaching you how to be motivated and not just rely on the motivation you get at the beginning.

Almost all my clients start like this. They’ve spent years dieting & the only evidence they have is their personal failure over and over again. I totally empathise with this. All I can say is to treat this is something completely new & don’t let your past dictate your future effort or motivation.

One thing that I find helps is: Imagine in a year’s time you’re STILL in the same place that you are today…how would you feel about that?​

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