Slow motion motivation videos with the sun setting in the backgroud are not reality. They create a false sense of what your journey should be like...

Going on a weight loss journey is NOT like a motivational video.

Deciding to lose weight doesn’t mean stopping everything else in your life and totally focusing on yourself. 

While it certainly is a romantic view to think about it like this and those motivational videos do make you feel good… 

You know the ones… Where someone is overweight and lost in life and then suddenly gets that motivational spark spurring them to start their journey. They seem to have nothing else going on – no family, no job, so they spend their day exercising and eating healthily – all in slow motion. 

This just isn’t real. 

And in actual fact, doing a diet like this is what usually causes failure. The more you change and the more extreme you make it, the more chance something else in your life is going to pop up and derail your progress. 

What a real successful weight loss journey looks like is much more boring to the onlooker. 

You shouldn’t be putting your life on hold and trying to be perfect. 

What you should be doing is making a plan and slowly adding new habits and behaviours which over time become your new way of living. 

Most of your day is still the same. You still go to work, you still do stuff with your friends and family – just that you’re slowly chipping away at your goal and becoming the person you want to be. 

Most of what weight loss actually involves, onlookers never see. Things like practising mindset work or deciding on how you want your dream life to be. Yes, food and exercise come into it too, but those are just pieces of a bigger puzzle.

Remember this when you start your journey. Weight loss absolutely can be fun and exciting, but it’s rarely like a motivational video.

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