You don't NEED and shouldn't do a complicated diet if you want to get long-term results. Keep it as SIMPLE as possible.

Most people think they need a complicated diet involving counting, weighing, measuring and logging all their food to get results. 

The reality is (as with anything), the harder you make your diet, the less likely you are to stick to it. 

The best way to get consistent long-term results is to make your diet simpler – not harder as most people do. 

And I get it…when you make a mistake or fail yet again you feel you need to be more precise next time and rein things in even more. 

So the diet becomes stricter and you do more exercise. 

The problem with this is that when you fail and fall off the diet next time, you fall harder. 

And as bad as it sounds, you probably will fail because the harder you make your diet, the more stressed and the more pressure you feel. Then the more likely there is for something not to be perfect, and so you end up feeling like you’ve failed and so stop the diet.

One of the reasons I see so many people go to more extreme measures on their diet is because they blame the failure on themselves and not the diet. 

This is a key factor which has to change for long-term success. 

Have you ever considered that the diet you’re following just doesn’t work with your life? 

And then when it fails, you make it even harder to follow by making it stricter. 

Does doing that make any sense at all? 

No wonder you’ve got to a stage after years of dieting where you find it very hard to stick to what you’re doing. 

So the solution is to actually take away all the precision and counting that makes dieting difficult and instead simplify it.

This is what I do with my clients and it gets great results. 

Sometimes it’s met with anxiety and questions like, if I’m less precise won’t I get worse results? 


The best answer I can give to that is “if you’re here, aren’t your results already really bad?” 

And I can guarantee that you absolutely don’t need to count and weigh food to lose weight. 

And in actual fact, letting go of doing that is what will give you more consistency and better results. 

If you want a detailed guide of how I do this with my clients you can click here to get my free guide. 

Now, it’s important to understand that precision and difficult diet rules are one reason people fail on their diets. 

The next thing is understanding that food is only one part of the weight loss puzzle. 

Possibly the biggest part of the weight loss journey is how you think, how you regulate your emotions and your ability to set boundaries for yourself and live within them.

If anything, it’s these skills you need to do harder if you end up failing. 

However, as mindset work is hard, people tend to not do it.

As Henry Ford once said… 

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it”.

But I need to emphasise just how important it is!

Without the “mindset” part it’s easy to get pushed and pulled around by your emotions, cravings and ultimately f*** it moments where you end up violating the personal promises you made to yourself about the diet. 

That is why when I work with clients, we work on simplifying food, but then we go straight onto the mindset work. 

There’s a key focus on emotional eating and how to actually reduce the stress that’s causing it in the first place. 

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