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I’m Harry Snell

Emotional Eating & Weight Loss Coach

Fix Your Emotional Eating Today

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In this webinar you will learn why you emotionally & binge eat, the hidden secrets that your doctor won’t tell you, plus the simple fix that helps you solve the problem forever.

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Helping You Achieve Food Freedom

Get RID of CRAVINGS & Get Complete Food Freedom

However you like to call them – Cravings, Urges, Mindless Eating, Boredom Eating, Compulsive Eating, Sugar Addication or Binge Eating, these are all essentially a label for the same thing – you don’t feel you have control over your thoughts around food.

Do you binge?

Do you boredom eat?

Do you lack control around food?

Does food planning consume your mind?

Food & Nutrition

Getting enough food to keep you full while helping you lose 1-2lbs / week.


Getting easy movement into your day to keep your metabolism high and keep you losing weight.



Don’t just rely on motivation being there, but create it so you get up every day with the drive to reach your goal.

Emotional Eating

Get rid of emotional eating so that the efforts towards your weight loss feel totally in your control.

Conflicts & Limting Beliefs

Make sure nothing is holding you back when working towards your goal.


Making sure you have someone to keep your focus and make sure you take action on your goals.

Client Results


Ali came to me before her wedding, she felt terrible about herself and was on the verge of a binge eating disorder.


Carlie-Anne came to me with anxiety and wasn’t happy with how she looked before her wedding.


Jodie changed her life and lost several dress sizes all while working crazy shift hours in her job.


Steph lost 15lbs & gained confidence before getting married. So also gained skills around how to eat.

What Is Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

Why spend years trying to solve the problem on your own (and possibly never solving it), when you can invest in yourself and get the help of an expert coach who has helped tens of people in the same situation as you using a tried & tested process that 100% works for everyone.

Will this work for me?...My situation is different to others.

Simple, answer, I’d need to speak to you to see if you’re a fit for what I do. However, my system genereally works for everyone because it’s not a fixed method – I customise things to your needs.

How long does it take to fix emotional eating.

Everyone is different. It depends how much you apply yourself. What I teach is a training, so the more you practise, the better and faster results you get. Typically my clients get great results in 4 to 8 weeks.

How do I know it will work for me?

Part of your problem may be focusing on what could go wrong rather than what could go well. In order to succeed with this, you need to have a mindset where you are 100% with no doubts.

About Me

Hey, I’m Harry. I like travel, dogs & Ice cream ☺️ and I have a passion in helping people improve their lives.

I principally help people lose weight by solving their binge and emotional eating problems, so that they can get food freedom and enjoy life as they should!

I love what I do as it has such an impact on the lives of the people I work with!

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Would you like to solve binge eating today?

Binge and emotional eating is common, but it’s not normal. It takes over our thoughts, makes us eat things we don’t really want to, and causes guilt after.

Dealing with emotional eating can be extremely difficult because most people don’t know why and how it happens. 

It’s very easy come up with coping strategies, but these only solve the issue temporarily and you still have to deal with the complusive thoughts day-in-day-out.