How To Supercharge Your Motivation

Motivation is a HUGE topic!

Yet, it’s actually quite simple.

Humans are driven by 2 things only…


Everything we do is driven by one of those things or a mix of the two.

And just to clarify, pain could be physical but much more likely, emotional discomfort.

The big problem is that because our brain is designed to protect us from danger, the drive to avoid PAIN is much bigger than the drive to seek pleasure.

For example, we are much more likely to put effort into getting back £1000 that is stolen from us than work to earn £1000.

This natural wiring for motivation causes problems for weight loss though.

The Motivation Problem

If our motivation is attached to pain then we’ve got a problem on our hands because as you lose weight you feel better. That means that as you lose weight your motivation to carry on eating healthily will reduce.

In this interview below, I talk in depth about this issue and how to solve it…

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