The Best Time To Start Your Diet

It’s almost a joke that all diets start on Monday (or Jan 1st). And straight away, I’ll tell you that this mindset is setting you up for failure.


It comes back to perfection which I’ve talked about before, especially in my YouTube videos.

If you are waiting to start your diet on Monday, then you most likely don’t feel you can do it today (whatever day that might be).

Let’s go through a little scenario…

Real Life Scenario

Amanda wants to lose weight.

She’s had enough of looking at herself in the mirror and not liking what she sees – the negative feelings, the low confidence, not being able to wear the clothes she used to wear.

It’s Thursday evening and the weekend is coming up.

To Amanda, diets mean long periods of restriction and “enjoying” herself less.

So she wants to get the weekend out of the way first so she can start “perfectly” on Monday morning.

So she goes out on the weekend and makes the most of it.

Monday comes around and she’s all set…shes’s planned out all her meals and she knows exactly what she needs to do.

The week goes well.

And then Friday comes around again.

She’s been “good” all week and that’s very tiring, so she feels she deserves (and needs) to relax a little on the weekend.

The problem is that because Amanda has the perfectionism mindset (black & white thinking), there’s no middle ground…

She’s either doing the diet perfectly or not at all.

So when it comes to letting her hair down, Amanda makes the most of it.

And of course, she’s gonna go back into another period of restriction on Monday, so she may as well make the most of it while she can.

What Can We Take From This?

Now, how well do you think this is going to pan out for Amanda’s diet?

The perfectionism mindset has got her into black & white thinking – the on/off the diet mindset.

My best clients don’t start their diets on a Monday.


Starting on a day that you can’t be perfect is actually what you need…

BECAUSE this presents to you the problems you need to solve to be successful in your diet.

You want to expose the problems to move forward – not avoid them.

So this may mean starting your diet on a Friday, not a Monday.

And you won’t be perfect.

But that doesn’t matter.

No one is!

But, I can tell you one thing…doing it this way will get you much better results!